1st ECFI, 2 – 3 April 2014

Brussels, Belgium

1st European Conference on the Future Internet

The 1st European Conference on the Future Internet (ECFI) aims at bringing together key stakeholders to discuss how Europe can achieve global leadership in ICT by 2020 through innovative Internet technologies. In this context, industry and political stakeholders will discuss central socio-economic and technological topics of Future Internet infrastructures and services in Europe.

The event will present cutting-edge research results on the European Internet infrastructures and services of the future, which have been developed in the Future Internet Public-Private Partnership (FI-PPP). The FI-PPP is a European programme for Internet-enabled innovation aiming to accelerate the development and adoption of Future Internet technologies in Europe.

Key benefits


Attending the event will give participants a number of key benefits, including:

  • The opportunity to discuss with peers from industry and the political domain how Europe can achieve global leadership in ICT by 2020
  • A clear understanding of how FI-PPP initiatives, projects and actions in FP7 and Horizon 2020 will achieve the goals of the Innovation Union
  • Insights on the latest developments in Future Internet technologies
  • Direct access to key players in European Future Internet initiatives who are the drivers of the Internet infrastructures and services of tomorrow
  • A unique opportunity to discuss major Internet-related topics with political and industry stakeholders


ECFI will cover a wide range of Future Internet-related aspects of direct relevance for Europe’s competitive advantage in the short- to mid-term, including:

  • Smart Grids for renewable energy
  • Network infrastructures for Smart Cities
  • Opportunities of future networks for vertical application sectors
  • European roadmap for the Future Internet
  • Privacy and data protection
  • Open content platforms
  • Innovation at the crossroads of media, networks, content and creativity
  • Federation of experimental Future Internet infrastructures
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