1st ECFI, 2 – 3 April 2014

Brussels, Belgium

FI-PPP exhibition stand


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The exhibition will showcase some major FI-PPP results from the core platform project FI-WARE and the infrastructure/capacity-buiding project XIFI as well as by the five use case projects. Use case sectors covered in the exhibition include:

  • Social connected TV, smart city services, and pervasive games
  • Healthcare
  • Manufacturing
  • Smart Energy

In addition to the project demo stands there will be an overall FI-PPP information stand.

Descriptions of FI-PPP results demonstrated in the exhibition

FI-CONTENT 2 – Open platforms to develop innovative applications & services

FI-CONTENT 2 offers software modules (called “specific enablers”) that SMEs and developers can use to create applications in 3 main domains: Social connected TV, Smart city services, Pervasive games. Various demonstrations of the FI-CONTENT 2 possibilities will be made:

  • Interactive multi-screen content for HbbTV : a movie or TV program displayed on a smart TV can contain enriched content. By choosing a tagged object in the video, the user can delve deeper into a chosen subject by accessing additional information, follow a particular storyline by watching linked video content or even access online shops or related applications.
  • Audio Fingerprinting for Social Connected TV : here is an easy and convenient way to synchronize a smart TV and a second screen (smartphone or tablet): this app automatically determines which video the user is watching and exactly whereabouts in time the video currently is.
  • Augmented reality games prototypes : Augmented Resistance is a tower defense game at the crossroads of board games and tablet games, by integrating virtual elements and characters in the real environment.
  • Web augmented reality games prototypes : Various prototype technologies in the field of toy and table-top Augmented Reality games as well as pervasive gaming on the web.
  • Smart City guide : a responsive, real-time web application that runs on a standard web browser on smartphones and tablets. Users can use this application to get information on Point Of Interests (POI) while visiting a city. They can also enrich the database with their content, such as videos for other users, and much more.

FI-WARE – Future Internet Core Platform

  • FI-Lab (Future Internet Lab): the experimentation environment for anyone interested in FIWARE will be shown in its final version. Information of all the GE deployed as well as terms & conditions will be offered.
  • Guidance on how to make the most of FI-WARE, based on learning experience in the last period.
  • Examples of the most amazing applications and services created on top of FI-WARE will be the seed to attract new stakeholders.

FI-STAR – eHealth Apps: Diabetes Diary, Shock Treatment, RFID in Surgery

  • Demo of available use case trials, including demo surgery room and RFID hospital system
  • Presentation of Modular Medical Architectures and Virtualization of Care in a Future Internet
  • Presentation of 7 healthcare use cases through online media content

FITMAN – Future Internet Platforms for Smart, Digital and Virtual Factories

  • FITMAN Platforms for Smart, Digital and Virtual Factories as a collection of several Enablers Implementations
  • Trials Verification and Validation Framework encompassing concepts, methods and tools packages for Manufacturing Trials
  • FITMAN Trials Platforms as instantiation of the selected Generic and Specific Enablers for 10 industry-driven multi-sectorial Trials

FINESCE – Talking Energy: Future Internet Technologies in the Energy Sector

The FINESCE exhibition shows the very latest interim results of implementing future internet technologies in the energy sector.

Demonstrations of the FINESCE trials give an insight into use cases on smart fabrication, smart buildings, a virtual power plant, electronic market places and load balancing of electric vehicle charging. FINESCE presents different controlling and managing interfaces such as the smart energy control of the smart buildings in Hyllie/Malmo and Horsens, a real-time monitoring app of the smart factory in Aachen and a grid simulation of the Irish trial with real-time data. One of the highlights is the smart renewable energy world model with interactive controls and an energy game in which you can manage a virtual power plant by yourself. Several project videos including visualizations and comments of end users accompany the demonstrations.

INFINITY – Infrastructures for the Future Internet Community

  • XiPi: the search engine for Future Internet developers
  • Future Internet roadmap: priorities for investment in Europe
  • Common Description Framework: a standard for the description of Future Internet infrastructures

XIFI – Experimental Infrastructures for the Future Internet

The XIFI platform enables the Federation of European Infrastructures for Future Internet service and applications. Come to our booth and you will be able to discover more. Several demos will be available:

  • How to build a FI-Lab node from scratch and connect it to FI-Lab! As a first step, the system administrator of an infrastructure will be able to install the different cloud services of FI-Lab in an assisted and highly automated way. After installing the local services, she/he will be able to test the success of the installation and test the connectivity to FI-Lab. Finally she/he can register his node in the FI-Lab experimental environment.
  • How to monitor a FI-Lab node! After the set-up of a node, several operations and monitoring information are available to the system administrator. She/he can monitor the connectivity to other FI-Lab nodes, check that all Cloud services are up and running or put some of them in maintenance mode.
  • How to connect virtual networks across two FI-Lab nodes! Once sys admins are able to monitor the connectivity across nodes, they can also empower developers with multi-node apps deployment features based on the capability of distributed network controller.
  • How to register a SaaS service in a FI-Lab node! Node administrators can decide to set-up specific services to their developers. This is easy! The sys admin logs in the cloud portal and deploy with his account a new service. More information in the sys admin dashboard and the service is available to developers registered to the node!

FIspace – Collaboration Networks in Agri-Food, Transport & Logistics

The stand will show examples of FIspace’s Future Internet business collaboration networks in agri-food, transport and logistics.
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