In November 2015, Hamburg will become the internet’s largest future workshop and the heart
of European start-ups. The international conference is embedded in an unprecedented event
programme spanning 3 ½ days.

More than 1,000 international guests are expected at the hub of the 250 start-ups with their
success stories, along with international delegations from Europe, the USA, Mexico, Canada,
Chile and Brazil, developers, the FIWARE community, scientists, venture capitalists, business
angels and accelerators, as well as numerous exhibitors.

3 ½ days full of events with a supporting programme guarantee an intensive, constructive
exchange of information and opinions and offer an exclusive opportunity to network.

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Words of welcome

Olaf Scholz

First Mayor of Hamburg
I am pleased to welcome the European Conference on the Future Internet 2015 to our city.
Hamburg appreciates the FIWARE European Community and looks forward to contributing to
this international event, a modern kind of gateway to the world.

Peter Fatelnig

European Commission
FIWARE today is an important part in the conversation about future Internet services and
applications in Europe and worldwide. What drives the FIWARE community are the hundreds
of startups using it.

Join the biggest European FIWARE Start-up conference, come, see and engage!

Dan O’Connor

Grand PooBah
I’m both honored and excited to have the opportunity to meet what surely will be an
extraordinary group of people at this groundbreaking ECFI event.

Olaf-Gerd Gemein

Speed UP! Europe
Speed UP! Europe FIWARE Accelerator is proud to host the European Conference on Future
Internet 2015!

Supported by 30 international accelerators and their related clusters, we built a community of
5,000 people connected to FIWARE over the last 2 years, with a goal to grow to 10,000+
stakeholders in 2015.

Why you should participate

• Main event ECFI: 2 days with 1,200+ participants/attendees
• Exhibition area for 30 exhibitors
• Developers’ camp /hacks4good) with up to 500 developers
• Entrepreneurship Science Conference: 1.5 days with 150+ participants/attendees
• Start-up pitches
• Speed datings with 250+ start-ups
• Investors pitches with 150+ investors and business angels
• 30 international accelerators
• 200 representatives of politics, communities and science
• FIWARE community
• Award ceremony: Honoring the best start-ups with prize money of up to 1m. EUR
• Numerous networking opportunities (dinner events, lunches etc.)

On the internet, you can only get ahead by networking

Start-ups, companies and institutions, investors and consultants, entrepreneurs and developers,
they all depend upon each other, none of them can be successful on their own. Not now and
especially not in the future.
The ECFI 2015 is a unique opportunity for constructive exchange and efficient networking for
all parties.

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4 – 7 November, 2015 | Hamburg, Germany
ECFI Programme

The events during the ECFI 2015 address a plethora of relevant topics.
From lectures to workshops, every participant will find something which corresponds precisely
to their interests from hard facts to motivating scenarios.
In addition to this, a diverse supporting programme encourages personal exchanges among the
conference participants.

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ECFI Hamburg 2015

Meet the Speakers

Some of the most influential people are coming to Hamburg to discuss the Future Internet
technology and share their invaluable insights.

Peter Fatelnig

European Commission

Ragnar Kruse

Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder, Smaato

Sue Lebeck

Chair, City Protocol Task Force (CPTF) at City Protocol Society

Dan O’Connor

Grand PooBah

Partners and Sponsors

ECFI Hamburg is packed with networking events for you to connect and discuss with
representatives from leading European organisations in the ICT domain the crucial questions
of the Future Internet and Internet-driven innovation in Europe
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