The Call

Europe has made the first step forward and the European Commission is now launching a massive call for web entrepreneurs, SMEs and start-ups.


Who are we looking for?

SMEs and start-ups owning an innovative idea able to penetrate the market and be the basis for a sustainable business. We are seeking for people who are passionate and willing to lead transformations in the daily life of people, organizations or businesses.

Which sectors are we talking about?

Join the Future Internet Accelerator Program and choose the accelerator that suits your project best!

Register for ECFI Munich!

The 16 FIWARE accelerators will not only be present at the event, but will also be open to proposals and available for those who want to talk personally to them. Come and meet the FIWARE technology, participate in number of workshops and show your project and get funding from accelerators.

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More information about the FIWARE Accelerator Programme available here
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