• Alvarez, Federico
    Alvarez, FedericoUniversidad Politécnica de Madrid
    • Ballon, Pieter
      Ballon, PieteriMinds
      • Brisch, Klaus
        Brisch, KlausBridgehouseLaw Cologne, Geschäftsführender Partner
        • Calisti, Monique
          Calisti, Monique Martel
          • Campolargo, Mario
            Campolargo, MarioDirector ‘Net Futures’, European Commission
            • Castellvi, Silvia
              Castellvi, SilviaAtos, FITMAN
              • Cecchi, Maurizio
                Cecchi, MaurizioTelecom Italia, Coordinator of FI-PPP project XIFI
                • Chazerand, Patrice
                  Chazerand, PatriceDirector Digital Europe
                  • Cretti, Silvio
                    Cretti, SilvioCREATE-NET
                    • Daly, Mark
                      Daly, MarkDemonstration Projects Manager, ESB ecars
                      • de Lama, Nuria
                        de Lama, NuriaAtos, FI-WARE
                        • Eble, Michael
                          Eble, MichaelFraunhofer Institute for Intelligent Analysis and Information Systems IAIS
                          • Floridi, Luciano
                            Floridi, LucianoSenior Research Fellow at the Oxford Internet Institute
                            • Gavazzi, Roberto
                              Gavazzi, RobertoTelecom Italia, XIFI
                              • Hacker, Ulrich
                                Hacker, UlrichHead of Smart Utility & Energy Solutions, QSC AG
                                • Harbour, Malcolm
                                  Harbour, MalcolmMEP, Chair of EP Committee on the Internal Market and Consumer Protection (IMCO)
                                  • Hierro, Juanjo
                                    Hierro, JuanjoTelefonica I+D
                                    • Higgins, John
                                      Higgins, JohnDirector General DIGITALEUROPE
                                      • Ikonomou, Demosthenes
                                        Ikonomou, DemosthenesHead of Information Security & Data Protection Unit at the European Network and Information Security Agency (ENISA
                                        • Jaokar, Ajit
                                          Jaokar, AjitAdvisor to the European Internet Foundation
                                          • Kennedy, David
                                            Kennedy, DavidDirector Eurescom
                                            • Klabunde, Achim
                                              Klabunde, AchimEuropean Data Protection Supervisors (EDPS), Head of Sector IT policy
                                              • Krause, Dirk
                                                Krause, DirkPixelpark
                                                • Kroes, Neelie
                                                  Kroes, NeelieVice President of the European Commission for Digital Agenda
                                                  • Lakaniemi, Ilkka
                                                    Lakaniemi, IlkkaAalto University, Chairman of the Future Internet PPP
                                                    • Magen, Jacques
                                                      Magen, JacquesInterInnov
                                                      • Mc Williams, Carmen
                                                        Mc Williams, CarmenGrassroots Art and Research
                                                        • McSweeney, John
                                                          McSweeney, JohnHead of Innovation at ESB Group (Irish energy provider) Member of the FI-PPP Executive Industry Board
                                                          • Monti, Antonello
                                                            Monti, AntonelloDirector of the Institute for Automation of Complex Power Systems, E.ON Energy Research Center
                                                            • Müller-Dechent, Christoph
                                                              Müller-Dechent, ChristophCEO FoodLoop Mobile Solutions Inc
                                                              • Osborne, Michael Charles
                                                                Osborne, Michael CharlesIBM Research Division, Head of Security and Privacy Research Group
                                                                • Pataki, Daniel
                                                                  Pataki, DanielETNO Director
                                                                  • Pickering, Brian
                                                                    Pickering, BrianIT Innovation
                                                                    • Pistore, Marco
                                                                      Pistore, MarcoResearch Director, FBK Trento
                                                                      • Presser Mirko
                                                                        Presser MirkoAlexandra Institute
                                                                        • Prister, Giorgio
                                                                          Prister, GiorgioMajor Cities of Europe
                                                                          • Ranaivoson, Heritiana
                                                                            Ranaivoson, HeritianaSMIT-iMinds, FISPACE
                                                                            • Reddmann, Matthias
                                                                              Reddmann, MatthiasPolicy and Project Officer at the European Commission, Directorate-General for Communications Networks, Content and Technology
                                                                              • Samp, Krzysztof
                                                                                Samp, KrzysztofITTI Sp. z.o.o.
                                                                                • Schaffers, Hans
                                                                                  Schaffers, HansAalto University
                                                                                  • Seeliger, Robert
                                                                                    Seeliger, RobertFraunhofer FOKUS
                                                                                    • Slusallek, Philipp
                                                                                      Slusallek, PhilippGerman Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) and Center for IT Security, Privacy and Accountability (CISPA)
                                                                                      • Strick, Linda
                                                                                        Strick, LindaFraunhofer FOKUS - Institute for Open Communication Systems
                                                                                        • Tocado, Jerónimo
                                                                                          Tocado, Jerónimo
                                                                                          • Ulmer, Claus-Dieter
                                                                                            Ulmer, Claus-DieterDeutsche Telekom, Senior Vice President, Group Data Privacy Officer
                                                                                            • Van Der Linden, Pieter
                                                                                              Van Der Linden, PieterTechnicolor, Coordinator of FI-PPP use case project FI-CONTENT 2
                                                                                              • Vanrie, Philippe
                                                                                                Vanrie, PhilippeCEO European Business and Innovation Center Network
                                                                                                • Voet, Hanno
                                                                                                  Voet, HannoLaboratory for Machine Tools and Production Engineering (WZL) of RWTH Aachen University
                                                                                                  • Williams, Fiona
                                                                                                    Williams, FionaEricsson
                                                                                                    • Zünd, Fabio
                                                                                                      Zünd, FabioETH
                                                                                                      • Zwicklbauer, Miggi
                                                                                                        Zwicklbauer, MiggiFraunhofer FOKUS
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